5 Podcasts to Uplift and Level Up
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Listening to podcasts have quickly become a staple for self-reflection, knowledge acquisition and just leveling up! Podcasts are a great platform for a cheeky bit of portable edu-tainment (education married with entertainment), and in our experience, it is most definitely worth finding one that suits you, wherever you are on your journey.

So, here are a few of our faves to help you find your podcast grove!

All of our recommended podcasts are available on all major streaming platforms

1. Therapy for Black Girls

Themes: mental health, personal development, leveling up (majorly)


Why we can’t stop listening:

Dr.Joy digs really deep on this one. The wellness of our psych and mental well-being is essential, and in this podcast, licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, takes listens through an array of topical themes and challenges, that will no doubt resonate and have you saying ‘mmmmmmmmmmmm’'.’ She strikes that warm middle ground between unpicking the hurt of experiences past, and soothing emotional wounds, so that you may heal afresh.

2. Super Soul Conversations with Oprah Winfrey

Themes: motivations, purpose, spirituality and perusing passion

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As you become more clear about who you are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you - the first time around.

Why we can’t stop listening:

Firstly its Oprah, and by this we mean, the woman has access to the minds and thoughts of people most of us simply won’t have conversations with in our lifetimes. And one of those being Dr. Maya Angelou (p.s definitely give her interview a listen) This podcast is perfect for someone looking for a spiritually enriched boost to living their best lives. Super Soul Conversations gives listens access to eye opening conversations , filled with many “aaaaahaaaaaaa moments.” It promises to help you “awaken, discover, and connect” and we are here for it!

3. Happy Place by Ferne Cotton

Themes: navigating challenges and finding happiness


Why we can’t stop listening:

Firstly, Ferne is pretty cool. Here, she interviews a host of phenomenal people, exploring their life changes and challenges, and honing in on how they have navigated their routes to a happy place. She draws on her own experiences and life challenges, sharing musings and advice from experts, on how to work through feeling blue to finding joy in each and every day.

4. The Fearless Podcast by Arian Simone

(there are a few podcasts with the same title, so when searching, be sure to include ‘'by Arian Simone’)

Themes: leveling up (x100), walking in purpose, entrepreneurship, wellness


Why we can’t stop listening:

Led by Arian Simone, an investor and author, this podcast is your perfect dose of inspiration to push you on your way to leveling up. It will charge your batteries with its candid discussions on entrepreneurship, self-care, wellness, confidence and culture. Whatsmore, Arian brings some highly successful people on the podcast, to share their pearls of wisdom too.

5. She’s Got Drive

Themes: motivation, fulfilling purpose, self-care, sisterhood


Why we can’t stop listening:

Shirley McAlpine gets to the root of what drives us, she sits down with a range of black women and dives deep into their sources of empowerment and drive, finding out how they have overcome obstacles. She personal development tips and strategies with listeners too.

So these are our top picks, we hope they uplift you in self-love, catalyses your steps to healing and motivate you to level up to your very best self. We also hope its makes you laugh a little and smile a lot.

Should you have any favourites, podcast you’d recommend or you simply wish to say hey, drop us a comment below!


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