How To Grow Long and Strong Natural Nails

For far too long, we’ve bought into the lie that we need to take a trip to the nail salon to achieve lengthy nails that don’t snap and break with a little bump… lies.

This blog is here to usher you into a new truth, and that is, that you CAN grow long and healthy nails, naturally. It just requires a little learning, a little unlearning and a whole lot of self-care!

Start by watching this video , and while your at it, drop a comment to let us know how you find it

Our advice:

1. Do not use your nails as a tool

By this we mean using your nails to open boxes, cans, even when pushing buttons, use your knuckles. The added pressure to your nails causes tension to the ends of your nails, which are naturally the oldest parts of your nails (and therefore the most vulnerable to a break or snag)

2. Do not saturate your hands for long periods of time

That’s when washing, cooking, if its a must (like showering or swimming) be sure to protect your nails by painting them with a few layers of polish to harden then.

We highly recommend you investing in a good pair of gloves and become besties, when washing up, cooking, gardening, even detangling your hair ( Afro girls especially)

3. Keep your hands moisturized, with a serum and cream

This? This one is crucial! Keeping your nail serum hydrated is so key, it means that when you do have a bump or pressure to your nails, your nails have the flexibility to bounce back and do not break. Our recommendations is that you grab yourself a nail serum with Vitamin E oil.

Of course, we highly recommend ours …

Nail Nourishing Serum

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4. Don't keep your nails bare, paint them!

Painting adds an additional layer of protection, as well as locking in those strengthening oils.

We highly recommend that you invest in some non-toxic nail polishes, they aren’t as expensive as that may sound.

516 is our personal fave, affordable and long lasting

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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6. Don't bite your nails

This seems like an obvious one, but should you struggle with the habit, try out a nail biting repellent, give Mavala Stop a try:

7. File and trim your nails regularly

Get you a glass nail file, we promise it will change the game, no more snags, just smooth edges and nail joy! By regularly, we mean every other week.

8. Match your nail length with your lifestyle

The finest hand models do not wash up, take out the garbage, or do any exercise, their hands are subsequently faultless, no cuts, veins and perfectly white tips.

BUT HAVING LONG NAILS CAN BE CONDUCIVE TO LIFE. You can still live and have nails.

It is however key to match your nail expectation with your lifestyle, sports people, laborers, parents of small children might find that their daily activity makes breaks and bumps frequent. So we advise that you stay realistic, and find a length that works for your lifestyle.

Maybe your happy place is our 1 month length, or our 5 month length, whatever it is, we here to support you in keeping it strongggggggggg and healthy!


9. Be patient with your nail journey

Don’t buy into those, grow nails quick schemes, growing anything takes patience and care. You’ll have some set backs, but you’ll learn and figure out what works for you on the way!

Got any questions for us? Drop a message in the comment section below